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City Pride State Wide

Haley Worth

June 22, 2021

While at MGS our cities are our pride and joy. Every city is set on becoming a “model city” so city spirit is through the roof. In the morning before we raise the flags and at night before we lower the flags you can hear chants and songs sung by each city. The “party” chant is by far the most popular chant. It starts in one city and bounces around as each city tries to be louder than the other. Many chants feature the name of the city and some sort of clapping or other movement stating how their city is the best. You can also hear this pride being shown before assemblies in Hendricks Hall. Cities also will come up with a mascot, theme song, and color. Fortunately, every city is getting the chance to get to know their new friends better and create new relationships.

Kerrigan and Kylie from Stephens City chanting

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