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Mascot Mishap

On Wednesday, June 15th, Lewis City announced their intentions of filing an emotional distress lawsuit against Drake City for, according to Lewis, throwing an inflatable mascot down the stairs. Their reasoning? If the mascot was a real person, that person would’ve died on impact. Furthermore, the residents of Lewis thought that a person fell down the stairs, not a blowup mascot. However, over the course of less than twenty-four hours, Lewis City dropped the lawsuit in replacement for another one. According to Hailee Tarpening, “...the emotional distress lawsuit was dropped, but now we have a nuisance lawsuit they are willing to negotiate if we drop the barking law on people that live on the floor.” For those unaware, Drake City recently passed a law that made it a requirement for all residents not living on their floor to bark like a “dawg” when passing through the city. Tarpening continued with her claim, “If we go to trial and we lose, we have a fine and have to drop the law all together.”

Citizens living on the Drake City floor - the third floor of the building - claim they never threw the mascot down the stairs to begin with. Discussed during Wednesday night’s city hall meeting in response to Lewis City’s lawsuit plan, the young women of Drake said that they merely dangled the mascot over the staircase. I sat in on the meeting to hear the arguments made that night. They never threw him down, but instead blamed Adreon City on the fourth floor for committing the heinous crime.

That said, could Lewis not actually be planning to sue Drake at all? Could Lewis City’s replacement of lawsuits just be rumors? According to an anonymous source from Lewis City, “...all I know is that we’re dropping the lawsuit.” Although there has been many speculations of directing a lawsuit towards Adreon, this anonymous source told me that the city heard word of Drake City potentially not committing the crime of throwing a mascot down a flight of stairs at all.

In the last few days here at Missouri Girls State, anything could happen regarding the Mascot Incident. Many questions are still left answered: Was the inflatable mascot actually thrown down the stairs, despite Lewis City’s alleged witness of it? Does Lewis City plan on going after Adreon City or Drake City? If they sue Drake City, will Drake retaliate with a countersue? Although much has happened in the Calvert Rogers building, little has come out of it. Tension is in the air; something is about to happen. Or, instead of acting on this tension, the cities of Clavert Rogers may let everything pass without a second thought.

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