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A Rockin’ Rec Night

Written by: Mileah Metcalf

The minute the 2021 Missouri Girls State delegates stepped onto the UMC campus, they were met with a slew of activities, packed schedules, and opportunities for participation. Though every individual selected for Girls State possesses a resilient mind and a high tolerance for constant engagement, by Wednesday evening, many girls were more than ready for an evening of unwinding.

Recreation night created the opportunity for just that. There was kickball, football, volleyball and much more. Though there were multiple physical activities going on through the night, there was also a great deal of socializing, picture taking, and even campaigning.

The night was enjoyed by many and even inspired some to advocate for more recreation nights as a speaking point while running for office. The memories, friendships, and pictures taken at recreation night were the highlight of the week for some and will likely be forever treasured.

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