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Food Fight

Delegates express their differing opinion on the meals provided

Girls State has proven to be an enjoyable and exciting experience, and we’re only getting started! However, one woe of participating is being restricted to Lindenwood University’s campus, and thus, limited only to the food options offered by the kitchen staff. This begs the question: How do the delegates feel about the food?

One answer came from Mallory Moon, who said, “I love the breakfast selection. There’s something for everyone.” Fruit, muffins, and a choosing of any cooked meals to start your day off right. Whether you’re content with a bowl of cereal or require a heartier, cooked breakfast, the options really are for everyone.

“I feel like there’s more options at breakfast than at lunch or dinner,” claimed Maggie Lupton, another delegate. For the picky eaters of Girls State, morning is the perfect opportunity to find something they can enjoy. In comparison, lunch and dinner do not offer as wide a variety as breakfast does. Those who aren’t partial to whatever’s on the menu may find themselves sticking to any snacks they brought.

Also being questioned is the quality of the food. With how busy and exhausting Girls State is, a meal that one can enjoy is crucial to getting through the week. “I feel like the food is mediocre,” said Reagan Wilborn, “like some is bad and some is good.”

“I think the food this year is better than last year’s. It has more flavor,” defended Counselor Lewis. It appears that there’s a difference of opinion between the delegates. Some are content, while others are hesitant about the food.

“The soda looks and tastes like carbonated water,” said Kylie Ast. “But carbonated water slaps.”

Every single one of us at Girls State is thankful for the kitchen staff, but some of us are missing the taste of home cooking or takeout. Whether you prefer breakfast or dinner, or don’t discriminate between the food that is offered, it is important to eat this week. The walking can leave one gasping for air, and the heat will claim anyone not strong enough to withstand it. You cannot girlboss on an empty stomach!

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