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Highway Patrol Seminar by: Maddy Harvey and Jordan Devoy

As most of you know, today was a pretty hard and uncomfortable day for all of us. We learned about a touchy subject that has impacted so many lives across the world. Everything that we learned today is something that the entire world should take into consideration when on the road. Distracted driving is not something that is to be taken lightly.

As Missouri Girls State is nearing its end, Corporal Kyle Green and Director Mickens, teach us about the importance of being safe drivers. Director Mickens started off by sharing her personal experience with distracted driving, and how she lost her father from it. Acknowledging the emotions and toughness of this subject, which was extremely helpful to many girls. Delegates who didn't feel comfortable in this seminar were able to go outside to a safe space.

The seminar stretched the importance of not being a distracted driver, and showed the significant impacts that have happened due to distracted driving. Major points that Green talked about were texting and driving, intoxicated driving, and the importance of wearing seatbelts. Delegates left this seminar with greater knowledge and understanding of how to be a safe driver.

I know that the seminar, and this article, might not be the easiest thing for people to be a part of or to read. Not all of the reasons for the hardships are the same. Not all of the victim’s families have the same story. Sometimes, most of them share the same result from the crash. A result of losing a loved one in a split second.

As we leave MGS tomorrow morning, I hope that everyone is taking away something from this seminar that we listened to today. Today wasn’t meant to scare anyone or make anyone not want to be on the road. This experience was to educate our youth so that we can be the change in the world on the road. The change that decreases crash rates and the death rates from those crashes.

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