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Online Orientation

All citizens and alternates for ALA Missouri Girls State 2024 must complete the orientation process in-person or through the virtual orientations by June 12, 2024. 

The meeting information for each orientation is provided below.  You should set aside approximately 1 hour for the orientation.  At the conclusion of the orientation, you must submit the Verification form in order for us to process you as meeting the orientation requirement.  This is available at the conclusion of this webpage.

The form will provide a receipt of completion at the end of completing it.  If you did not get an e-mail receipt of your response to the form, please re-submit it.  In the form, you will need to put in identification information, responses to questions about the required documents and orientation, and verification of your intent to attend ALA MGS 2024.

Remember, you can use the Contact tab at the top of the website in order to e-mail us if you no longer wish to attend ALA MGS 2024.  By telling us as soon as possible, the ALA MGS program has the opportunity to send an alternate in your position.

The verification form should be completed by June 12, 2024 in order to attend ALA MGS 2024.  All of the accepted citizens who do not meet this deadline are no longer eligible to attend ALA MGS.

Orientation Meeting Links

You do not need to register for an orientation via Zoom - just click the link below to join the meeting!
May 30th - 7:00pm - Click here to login!

June 3rd - 1:00 pm - Click here to login!
June 12th - 12:00pm - Click here to login!
June 12th - 5:30pm - Click here to login!

Verification Form
The form to verify completion of the orientation requirement is available here.

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