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Please use the information located on this page to assist you in nominating the best citizens to attend ALA MGS 2024. 

The 82nd session will be held June 22 - June 29, 2024 at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, MO.  We are looking forward to another co-hosted program with The American Legion Boys State of Missouri, Inc.  As a reminder, both programs operate separately, but citizens of both MBS and ALA MGS are combined on campus for key events throughout the week.

If you have questions about recruiting citizens or the application process, please contact  We will assist you in getting in touch to the ALA MGS Recruitment Team Member or answering your questions. 

Request a Virtual School Presentation

E-mail us at  We will pair you with a presenter to share about ALA MGS 2024 virtually with eligible candidates in your school.

Our presentation is a combined effort with The American Legion Boys State of Missouri and can be used to teach your eligible junior class about both programs at one time!
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