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Judge Sarah Castle Provides Inspirational Speech at ALA MGS

By Iris Alvarez and Audrey Mitchell

Crowder City

On Sunday, Judge Sarah Castle joined American Legion Auxiliary Missouri Girls State citizens and staff for the opening ceremony at Scheidegger Theatre. With a successful career in law and sports, Castle is a role model for all girls at ALA MGS.

Castle’s many different experiences have provided her with diverse discussion points including an uncommon childhood, participation in multiple Paralympic games and an unplanned calling to law school and the judicial bench. Her stories touched the hearts of many in the room, which resulted in extensive audience participation through questions and applause. Within her responses to questions posed by ALA MGS citizens, Castle gave many wise pieces of advice for success.

“Being a good winner is as important as being a good loser,” Castle said.

Shortly after Castle’s on-stage speech, she explained some of her typical duties in the courtroom including civil, criminal and domestic cases that rotate frequently. To maintain a healthy work-life balance and mentality, she enjoys exercising, listening to 90s and early 2000s music and visiting her counselor when necessary.

“I think it is really important that you reach out to someone … when you need to find guidance,” Castle said.

To manage her mental health, Castle said she likes to watch Harry Potter and Marvel movies, especially any involving Iron Man.

“Anything with Iron Man in it is literally my favorite,” she said. “I love Tony Stark; if Tony Stark showed up at my door, I’d marry him.”

As much as ALA MGS enjoyed Castle’s presence, Castle equally appreciated the opportunity to speak to and with the citizens. She was enthused to see young women committed to making changes in their communities, cities, states and nation.

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