Eligibility Criteria

Delegates to ALA Missouri Girls State are chosen by an interview and application procedure. Information about 2021 ALA Missouri Girls State was made available on our website after January 1st due to ongoing decisions for the combined junior/senior 2021 session.


ALA MGS delegates are girls who attend high school in Missouri and have just completed their junior year. Candidates are evaluated on their leadership abilities, interest in government, service to others, and academics. Speech and debate experiences are also beneficial, but not necessary.


For more information contact your high school counselor or the local American Legion Auxiliary Unit.

If you have additional questions regarding American Legion Auxiliary Missouri Girls State, please call Linda Schaap, Director of Admissions at (816) 358-4541, or e-mail the director at director@missourigirlsstate.org

Selection Process 

As there are 200+ American Legion Auxiliary units throughout Missouri and approximately 750 girls are chosen to attend MGS, the selection methods vary based on logistics, circumstances and established local procedures. Some selected delegates are long-standing Junior Members of an Auxiliary Unit (female members under age of 18) who meet the qualifications, while others are chosen by school personnel with names forwarded to local units. Some potential delegates' names are forwarded by schools to local units who then interview the list and make the selection based on the interviews. Any girl interested in attending ALA Missouri Girls State should begin by contacting their school counselor.