Eligibility Criteria and Selection Process

Delegates to ALA Missouri Girls State are chosen by an application and interview procedure. Applications for the 2022 session are available on the website as of November 1, 2021. 

ALA MGS delegates are girls who attend high school in Missouri and have just completed their junior year and have at least one semester of high school remaining. Candidates are evaluated on their leadership abilities, interest in government, service to others, and academics. Junior members of the American Legion Auxiliary are especially encouraged to apply for the opportunity to attend ALA MGS.


If you are a member of the community or a local American Legion Auxiliary Unit and have questions regarding American Legion Auxiliary Missouri Girls State, please call Linda Schaap, Director of Admissions at (816) 358-4541, or e-mail the director at director@missourigirlsstate.org


If you are a high school counselor or administrator, please check out our "Counselor's Corner" tab to assist you with gathering information or contact our School Recruitment Coordinator, Katy Schwartz Drowns at katy.schwartzdrowns@missourigirlsstate.org

If you are eligible for the program and wish to apply, please reach out to your counselor for details regarding your high school's selection process.

Applications must be sent in by American Legion Auxiliary Units or high schools.  Students cannot mail in their own applications and should not self-pay for the program fee.