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Artist of the Day (Thursday, June 16)

Drawn by Annalyn Johnson

Annalyn Johnson of Benton City is our artist of the day. That name may sound familiar because she is a writer for the Gazette, but she is far more talented than that. She is an artist who truly loves art. Annalyn said art was the only thing for her, and that "Nothing else was as interesting as art".

Her main style of art is a geometric and realistic outlook with many details involved. What really sets Annalyn apart is where she gets her inspiration. When asked she said "I don't get inspiration from one specific person, but from people and places around me. Most commonly she gets inspired in short bursts or a night, but she doesn't really know why.

This Benton City Bulldog started taking art seriously at the age of nine and uses it to help her focus at school. That is your Bulldog reporter and artist of the day.

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