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Auditor Nicole Galloway

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Written by: Matti Cook

Interviewed by: Sally Green

Edited by: Frida Rodriguez

Nicole Galloway is the current State Auditor for the state of Missouri. She has held the position since 2015, after being appointed by Former Governor Jay Nixon. As State Auditor, it is her duty to ensure that Missouri citizens' tax dollars are being spent appropriately, and determines if public funds are protected from potential fraud or abuse.

We had the honor of getting a chance to speak with Auditor Galloway. She explained she hadn't always known her exact path, and she expressed, "It's okay not to know what you want to do yet." Auditor Galloway added by saying, along the lines of you don't always have to run for office, or be head of a campaign to accomplish something.

As she stated in her speech, and in our interview, it is crucial that you find a reason. Something that you are passionate about, and you can find a path for it and pursue. Every young woman here at Girls State is here for a reason. Not every single delegate is made to give speeches and run for office, but not every single delegate can stand behind a camera or pad of paper. The reason why you are here, or the reason why you care, will push you forward in life if you can grasp it tight, and never let go. If you have a reason for fighting, and standing for what you believe in, then people will see the spark.

Auditor Galloway gave a very important piece of advice, advising aspiring young women to never be afraid to say yes to an opportunity. Here at Girls State, you are surrounded by opportunities that you will never have again. One short week to step out of your comfort zone and say Yes! I will run for office! Or Yes! I will help you with your campaign! It's important to know that in life you're not always going to win, or succeed, but it is how you bounce back from those losses that put you aside from everyone else.

Auditor Galloway gave an amazing speech Monday evening. She had many inspirational, yet relatable points. During a moment in her speech, she advised, "I want to encourage you to seek out when you want to see change."

It is important to remember that the delegates here at Girls State are the future. Either the future leaders of Missouri, our schools, or our Hospitals, maybe even our Country. As Auditor Galloway said, "The government is only as strong or as weak as those who hold those offices." If you want to see change, you have to be the one to stand and say something, or take action. If you want something done, you have to do it yourself.

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