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Citizen's given frozen treat

By Kameron Dankenbring

Anthony City

Wednesday night consisted of a talent show for our amazing citizens to show off their skills. But, following the talent show, the Andy’s franchise sold frozen custard to our citizens. “We wanted to provide a light and fun snack for all of the Girls State citizens,” Karisa, from The Andy's team, said.

The Andy's Franchise team put in a ton of time and effort into providing such a treat to ALA Missouri Girls State. They did not, however, just sell custard the day of their stand opening in Spellmann. The team made a pre-sale system to improve their merchandise flow at a more efficient pace.

In which, the cities who purchased custard through the presale got a fifty percent decrease in price. Also, the city that had the highest percentage of girls purchasing their custard through the presale will earn model city points.

The Andy’s team did not just stop there, they created a higher income for themselves by selling raffle tickets, t-shirts, and hats. The Andy’s Franchise has created a great flow of business throughout the week!

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