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Comfort Zones, and Falling Down

Written by: Matti Cook

Edited by: Frida Rodriguez

This week at Girls State, the words, “Step out of your comfort zone,” have been spoken quite a few times. And that phrase can seem intimidating to some, and thrilling to others. The staff here at Girls State have been very encouraging, pushing each delegate to go out and try new things. To talk to the girl who sits next to them in class, or the one citizen in their city they haven’t had a chance to talk to yet. It may not seem like a nerve wracking thing, but even a simple introduction to a person you have never met before, can be a little scary for some.

Missouri Girls State is one big opportunity. There is a campaign around every corner, on every sidewalk, posters hung in all the dorms. Running for office can seem quite terrifying, speaking in front of people, having to get your name out there; all of it can make your stomach drop and your knees feel weak.

So this is for the courageous few who are pushing themselves forward and running for office. Rather it was for your city, county, or even state. Being able to take a few steps out of your comfort zones is good enough for Girls State!

Yet, it is important to remember, there can only be one selected candidate. Just like the real world, there will be delegates who fail in their elections. But it’s not about if you are unsuccessful or if you win by a landslide, the only thing that matters is how you stand back up after you fall, or what you do with the power after you are gifted with it. Yes, you can win your position, but if you do not perform well, and do not hold up your duties, the people around you will see that, and they will probably not follow you any longer. The same as they will see the ones who fail and bounce back up to their feet and continue on. Girls State is a great opportunity to formalize yourself with the state government, make new friends, learn interest; but it is also a great place to learn how to stand once you have fallen. Don’t let defeat stop you.

We have had a group of amazing guest speakers throughout the week. The professionals who have all shared different backgrounds, experiences, knowledge, they all seemed to agree on one thing. Never give up; and always remember your reason.

Those two phrases have seemed to be repeated a few times throughout the week between different speakers. The phrases can be used on their own to inspire someone, but they are better used together. It is important to stand for what you believe in, but you have to remember why you believe in it, and why you are standing for it. Then, you can never give up on the reason why you are fighting.

To the delegates who have won and who have lost, remember why you ran, and continue running.

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