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Compton Mayor Proposes City-Wide Ordinances

By Anna Herman

Compton City

On Sunday, Compton City residents voted for municipal positions.

Madeline Morris won the mayoral election and plans on implementing new rules and concepts to help benefit her city’s sense of community and fellowship. One of Morris’ ideas was to organize city hall — specifically, seating arrangements so that everyone feels like an equal participant in the discussion.

“Spreading the idea of everyone having their own voices is a top priority,” Morris said.

Morris was inspired to campaign for this position due to her love for leadership roles, including dance captain for multiple teams.

“I love working with people and helping people,” Morris said.

Morris also highlighted her aspirations for equality while maintaining a sense of diversity. Morris’s excitement is an excellent kickoff for her new role as mayor, and Compton citizens are interested to see what she will bring to their city.

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