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County Election Results

Bacon County

Presiding Commissioner Emma Belmore

Assoc. County Commissioner Lillian Hudson

Assoc. County Commissioner Abigail Hardy

Sheriff Bridgette Hanneken

County Clerk Taylor Botteron

Presiding Circuit Judge Kate Northern

Associate Circuit Judge Ava Moore

Associate Circuit Judge Rachelle Perez

Clerk of the Circuit Court Jaelynn Crowder

Assessor Daida Herrera-garcia

County Collector Ava Schmidt

County Treasurer Sophia Crimmins

Recorder of Deeds Atiana Clark

Prosecuting Attorney Ava Tebo

Barton County

Presiding Commissioner Michelle Burke

Assoc. County Commissioner Jessica Hollis

Assoc. County Commissioner Callie Shoemaker

Sheriff Chelsea Ostermann

County Clerk Sonya Rodekohr

Presiding Circuit Judge Mallory Taylor

Associate Circuit Judge Ava Mccutchen

Associate Circuit Judge Trinity Lorenz

Clerk of the Circuit Court Reagan Stevens

Assessor Mia Fernandez

County Collector Hilary Yang

County Treasurer Addison Gillogly

Recorder of Deeds Christian Assefa

Prosecuting Attorney Bella Holloway

Davidson County

Presiding Commissioner Katelynn Ferguson-minor

Assoc. County Commissioner Katie Bernicky

Assoc. County Commissioner Kathryn Colvin

Sheriff Abigail Rea

County Clerk Lillian Clymer

Presiding Circuit Judge Kailyn Porter

Associate Circuit Judge Laynie Jones

Associate Circuit Judge Natalie Wiseman

Clerk of the Circuit Court Audrey Courtois

Assessor Emma Musgrave

County Collector Hailey Burlingame

County Treasurer Greta Clark

Recorder of Deeds Maria Wibbenmeyer

Prosecuting Attorney Cassandra Plummer

Dewitt County

Presiding Commissioner Christine Wehmeyer

Associate County Commissioner Nadia Mura

Associate County Commissioner Shayla West

Sheriff Payton Gannon

County Clerk Emily Eschbacher

Presiding Circuit Judge Avery Aller

Associate Circuit Judge My’Erin Reynolds

Associate Circuit Judge Daphne Wilson

Clerk of the Circuit Court Madilynn Cook

Assessor Grace Bozarth

County Collector Julia Steele

County Treasurer Rebecca Vail

Recorder of Deeds Josie Villard

Prosecuting Attorney Ellie Primm

Johnson County

Presiding Commissioner Harley Norvell

Assoc. County Commissioner Alannah Tapley

Assoc. County Commissioner Grace Peach-righton

Sheriff Avery Criblez

County Clerk Avery Chappell

Presiding Circuit Judge Sydney Lockridge

Associate Circuit Judge Lex Hill

Associate Circuit Judge Vedika Kumar

Clerk of the Circuit Court Megan Meeker

Assessor Riley Langner

County Collector Trinity Alvested

County Treasurer Ella Novak

Recorder of Deeds Dionna Lynch

Prosecuting Attorney Mae Dingley

Price County

Presiding Commissioner Isabelle Henderson

Assoc. County Commissioner Thomasina Brown

Assoc. County Commissioner Grace Leak

Sheriff Gen Gordon

County Clerk Lanie Jackson

Presiding Circuit Judge India Parris

Associate Circuit Judge Shelby Blake

Associate Circuit Judge Thomasina Brown

Clerk of the Circuit Court Lauren Nageotte

Assessor Lillian Teichman

County Collector Evelyn Sanjuan

County Treasurer Hilarry Elifrits

Recorder of Deeds Addison Waller-brenneke

Prosecuting Attorney Olivia Goehrig

Scott County

Presiding Commissioner Aubri Meyer

Assoc. County Commissioner Adaline Medley

Assoc. County Commissioner Ainslee Grace Lisk

Sheriff Ava Greenan

County Clerk Abagail Mooney

Presiding Circuit Judge Meredith Cole

Associate Circuit Judge Verily Whyte

Associate Circuit Judge Grace Wessel

Clerk of the Circuit Court Olivia Wolf

Assessor Sydney Sonn

County Collector Taylor Baumhoer

County Treasurer Noelle Innes

Recorder of Deeds Grace Flener

Prosecuting Attorney Hannah Gaines

Truman County

Presiding Commissioner Emily Lucas

Assoc. County Commissioner Mckelvey Mcdaniel

Assoc. County Commissioner Kassidy Flynn

Sheriff Delaney Quick

County Clerk WGracie Jewell

Presiding Circuit Judge Payton Behrens

Associate Circuit Judge Liberty Hoerr

Associate Circuit Judge Juliet Anreder

Clerk of the Circuit Court Norah Crowley

Assessor Lauren Quinlin

County Collector Amelia Holden

County Treasurer Kyra Shaffer

Recorder of Deeds Emma Crutchfield

Prosecuting Attorney Genesis Starks

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