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Federalist to the General Election

Written by: Matti Cook

Edited by: Frida Rodriguez

Last night the federalist party held its very first party convention. Speeches were heard from all primary candidates, each one presenting to the best of their abilities and beyond, they all did an amazing job.

This morning, primary election results were announced and the fortunate few were chosen to move on into the General election for their positions; Duaa Mohamed for Governor, Rhiannon Meyer for Lt. Governor, Emma Hurst for Secretary of State, Savannah Belko for State Auditor, Denise Stoner for State Treasurer, and Annabelle Lawrence for Attorney General. The Federalist Party has full hope and confidence in all delegates chosen for the General Elections, they will represent them well.

The Federalist Party wants to congratulate those who were successful in their campaigns, and those who unfortunately were not. They applaud you for being brave enough to run and having the determination to campaign. Federalist Party Committee Chair Lauren Reimer, of Clark City, would like to say, "I had the tremendous honor to serve as the Federalist committee chair. The convention went super smoothly and I had fun planning it. I loved being able to help the candidates of the Federalist Party feel more comfortable and confident."

Again, the Federalist Party would like to wish the best of luck towards all delegates in the General Election, and we will see you again this evening for the press conference.

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