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Federalists Take the Win

During the Second Assembly of Missouri Girls State Monday morning, each city found out who their city officeholders would be. After municipal elections, a total of 41 Federalist candidates and 39 Nationalist candidates were elected. We asked the Party Advisors, Miss Erika and Miss Marissa, how they were feeling following the elections.

“I think the Federalists came out strong, they came out eager,” says Miss Erika, the Federalist party advisor. “They were ready to put up a fight and they were ready to back each other.”

Miss Marissa, the Nationalist party advisor, has a different theory. “The Nationalists were just waiting to really spread their wings. It was a great showing, I’m not concerned.” In the future, she says, “we’re really going to start flapping those wings and winning elections.”

Miss Erika is also confident, but realistic. “I would say we’ve got this in the bag but that is probably not the advice I want to give,” she says. “It’s a start, and it’s inspiring really, but we’ve still got a lot of work to do. I think the most important thing to remember is that we are a forest. We can’t be a forest alone, we have to stick together and we have to back each other.”

Miss Erika highlights what she thinks the Nationalist’s game plan should be: “Stick with the flock; campaign together, face-to-face, on social media, gather your flock and get your message out.” With county elections right around the corner, advisors are a great source of guidance to help your party come out on top.

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