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First Impressions

After only two days of ALA Missouri Girls State, it is increasingly clear that the experiences are like no other and help bring out the leader in its delegates. After speaking with girls from several different cities, it is already plain to see that this will be an unforgettable adventure for everyone who makes the most of it, even if this is not the view girls had before arriving at Girls State. “I was nervous and not sure what to expect,” says Abby Kindred of Clark City. After arriving, Kindred says “I got a lot of great help and am really excited about what I’m doing and the people around me.” Madison Griffin, also a Clark City resident, expressed similar feelings: “I didn’t know what to expect at all, but as soon as I pulled in there were so many friendly faces who were waving and smiling at me, so I knew this was going to be a good environment and I got excited.” After the initial uncertainty fades, Girls State attendees can realize what an amazing experience this truly is.

Between the bacon costumes, less-than-great ID photos, and elevator mishaps, Missouri Girls State is full of surprises. For Broeg City resident Maddy Scudiero, the biggest surprise was the environment. “I was expecting more of a summer camp feel, like you talk to them but you don't really get to know them,” she explains. “But just in the past 48 hours, I feel like my city has been together so much and I really feel like I’ve gotten to know them. Overall, it’s just a really great environment.” Madison expresses similarly: “I feel so comfortable here. I overthink a lot about people judging me, but everyone here is so welcoming.” The culture and energy of Girls State is unmatched, and this helps create an unparalleled sense of comfort and understanding between attendees.

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