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How to be an informed voter at ALA MGS

By Olivia Haskamp

Broeg City

ALA Missouri Girls State has seen two elections so far this week, with polls revealing citizens preferences and voting habits. Across Lindenwood University’s campus, “I Voted” stickers are rapidly appearing on badges and t-shirts.

The voting lines are long and the lists of potential candidates even longer. With so many people to pick from, choosing a handful of winners will be hard. This week, make sure to gather information on candidates before voting so as to make decisions you firmly believe in.

Voting for the first person to approach you isn’t always the smartest route to take. Look for signs of a leader in the people you choose. Before casting your vote, ask yourself, “Does this person exhibit the qualities needed in an elected official?” or “What does this person stand for and do their beliefs correlate to my own ideologies?”

The only thing better than an active voter is an informed active voter. Making sure you know about the person you plan on electing into office is not technically required, but strongly encouraged, as it is more likely you will form a government you are proud to be a part of.

So what can you do to become an informed voter? To begin, ask candidates questions such as what they’re running for and how they are qualified for the position.

Now, think about the information you’ve gathered and use it to help guide you to a final decision. After you vote, — which hopefully you will be doing — keep track of who wins and if they follow through with their ideas and promises. As the week progresses, keep these things in mind.

Actually voting is just as important, if not more so, than being an informed voter. Even if you know all the information possible about the candidates on the ballot, none of it will matter if you don’t make it to the polls. While voter turnout at ALA Missouri Girls State thus far has been high, there are still delegates not showing up to vote.

On Sunday during the Municipal Election, 99.42 percent of citizens voted with the number decreasing on Monday at the Senate and House of Representatives Election with a voter turnout of 99.13 percent. To create the best government possible here at MGS, it is crucial that everyone does their best to make it to the polls and vote for each and every election. Stay informed and keep on voting, citizens!

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