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Jamelia Sands

Hi! My name is Jamelia Sands, but everyone calls me Melly. I live in Kirkwood, Missouri. However, I lived in The Bahamas for 15 years; I’m 16! After graduating, I want to major in Computer Science in the hopes of pursuing a career in Game Design. Obviously, I love games, drawing, watching Netflix, and all things vintage. I also love music as I have over a thousand songs in my Spotify playlist ranging from indie to classical music. My favorite song is The Adults are Talking by The Strokes. I can actually play it on my ukulele too! If I had to eat one food for the rest of my life, it would have to be pepperoni pizza. The reason I came to MGS is because I thought it would be a wonderful experience to meet new girls who share numerous interests from all over the state.

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