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MGS Cities find common bond with mascot

By Abigail Wodke

Adreon City

There’s been a union of two cities at ALA Missouri Girls State, from competition to compassion.

A coincidental similarity of mascots has sparked a unique and special bond between the two cities of Johnson County. During one of their first city meetings Sunday, both Adreon and Drake cities discussed mascots. Although the two cities had no form of communication at that time, they both decided to become “The Dragons.”

During the following assemblies, both cities became confused at the overly abundant chanting surrounding their mascot. Discussion sparked out of the confusion, as citizens both laughed and sighed.

Anna recounted their reaction, saying, “When I first heard it, I was kind of concerned,” Anna, of Drake City, said. “I thought maybe there would be this constant rivalry all week or like everybody would get panicked about trying to pick a new mascot.”

Many hoped perhaps the city colors were different, that one had chosen a pink dragon. However, many found it laughable when it was revealed both cities had chosen purple and green as their colors.

At the county meeting Sunday, it was decided the two cities would fully embrace their identity as a unified county, dubbing themselves “The Johnson County Dragons” in honor of their harmony. Katie of Adreon City explained they believe the decision was “kind of inevitable.” The choice was fronted by the community as a whole and completely endorsed by Adreon City Mayor Abigail Locke and Drake Mayor Hofman.

Locke described the situation as “very fortunate” and said the deciding factor in not changing the mascot to something else was “a power move and it makes a statement.”

Of course despite their newfound collaboration, each city still retains their respective chants that can be heard booming throughout campus, but now they have added a new one to their arsenal.

“As a parks and rec director, I’m all about the cheers and the chants and the pride for our city and our county,” Anna said. “And I think it is just so fun that we get to be our Johnson County Dragons and roar together.”

Now louder, and even prouder, Johnson County stands as the dragon Capital of MGS.

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