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Miss Sandy Makes MGS Like Home

By Katelin Tipton

Carver City

At ALA Missouri Girls State, Miss Sandy makes an impact as a House Mom for the citizens of Rauch Memorial Hall.

House Moms like Miss Sandy make a difference at MGS by helping set the atmosphere in their dormitories. Miss Sandy said she took part in this year’s session because said her daughter — who previously attended the program and currently is a part of staff — asked her to.

Miss Sandy said yes because she knew how great of a time her daughter had at MGS and wanted to see it in motion and help make a great experience for other girls. Her responsibilities include doing laundry for the Junior Associate Counselors and Junior Counselors, handling Walmart requests and runs, providing first aid materials, giving out snacks and, most importantly, just being a mother figure who is there for the citizens to talk to or get a hug from if needed.

Whenever citizens pass by, Miss Sandy always gives a friendly smile and wave. She often checks in on their well being by reminding them to smile or drink water. But she said her favorite part of her role is meeting the citizens and watching them grow.

“There is such a difference already from when you all walked in the door on Saturday to now when you guys walk in and out the door,” Miss Sandy said.

She really enjoys getting to know the girls from Rauch Memorial. The girls love getting to know and having her there, too.

Many citizens living in Rauch feel that she makes the building like home by being very welcoming and checking on everyone. They especially appreciate the snacks passed out each morning.

Miss Sandy even has some advice for MGS citizens.

“I would just make sure they’re all giving their 50% and know that each day is a new day to start something different, to start over,” Miss Sandy said. “And it’s OK if you fail. You try tomorrow and you’ll do something different.”

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