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Nationalist Party Holds First Convention

By: Sally Green

Today was a big day at Missouri Girls State, as it was Party Convention day. Candidates for state office were given the chance to speak to their party and offer reasons as to why they deserved their party’s nomination. Twenty five girls from a wide variety of counties and cities ran for six positions: Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, State Treasurer, State Auditor, and Attorney General.

Earlier today, the State Central Committee for the Nationalists met to elect party leadership. Sally Green from Pershing City, Scott County was elected as Party Chairwoman. Margaret Beimdiek from Adreon City, Johnson County was elected Vice Chair. Adrianna Williams of Adreon City, Johnson County was elected Secretary. Audrey Huffman, from Pershing County, Scott County, was elected Party Whip. At the Committee meeting, the girls collaborated on three aspects of the Convention: Party Platform, Party Rules and Regulations, and Party Resolutions.

The official Party Platform of the Nationalist Party is to implement equitable education opportunities for all students, eliminate taxes on period products, advancement of mental health services, expanding resources for wounded veterans and veterans suffering from PTSD, and the expansion of physical and social infrastructure of nuclear and road areas.

This evening, the Nationalist Party held its official convention. Spirits were high as girls jammed out to songs by Lizzo and Beyoncé. Party Whip Audrey Huffman was the star of the night, dazzling the audience with her energetic cheers and contagious energy. “I love being a part of the Nationalist Party. It doesn’t matter what colors we are or what we believe, but we’re all working toward the same goal: being the raddest, baddest party at ALA MGS,” said Ms. Huffman. Tomorrow, the Nationalist Party will present its candidates for the General Election. The Nationalist Party commends all candidates who run for state office, and cannot wait to see who will be representing the party.

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