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Race is on for the MGS Model City

By Sasha Boyd (Covington City), Emma Browning (Stephens City), Elaina Cecil (Covington City)

The race for ALA Missouri Girls State Model City has kicked off and two candidates have already taken an early lead.

In just two days, Pershing City and Boone City have distinguished themselves from the crowd with their loud chants that often can be heard echoing across the Lindenwood University campus.

“I think the first day, we all just brought the energy,” Grace Edney, Pershing City’s Parks and Rec Director, said.

Pershing and Boone have become the first two cities to earn the Spirit Flag. They have come up with various chants and slogans and have shown their unity as a city.

It was a consensus amongst both winners that cleanliness, rule following and decoration will be their keys to winning Model City.

The two have cited the Benton Bulldogs and the cities in Bacon County as other strong contenders to become Spirit Flag bearers.

“Don’t be scared to … yell and have nobody respond,” Claudia Wieberg, Boone City’s Parks and Rec Director, said. “Just put yourself out there completely.”

The race will be tight, the competition steep, but those who show up and show out will ultimately rise to the top.

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