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School of Law: An Inside View

At ALA MGS, delegates get to choose their schools of instruction on Monday. Delegates choose their classes based on their interests, offices they want to hold, and requirements for currently held office. Once a delegate chooses a class Monday morning, she has to go to that class for the rest of the week.

The schools of instruction range from School of Education, to School of Business and Chamber of Commerce, to Legislative Procedure, and so many more! A delegate in the Law class gave us an insight into a day as a student in the class, what she’s learned, and her overall opinion of the class!

Madison Nible is a student in the Law class. Madison said she loves her instructor. She brings a sense of excitement and makes law fun.

Madison Nible has enjoyed learning the trial process this week. She has learned the terminology to use in a court room, and appropriate times to use it. She has learned how to be both the prosecutor and the defense.

When asked if it made her career plans change in anyway, she said she they hadn’t. She said that Law, however, has really opened her eyes to the possibilities out there.

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