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The Beginning of MGS

Caron Rice & Maddy Harvey

June 21, 2021

The first day of anything new is overwhelming, but the staff at Missouri Girls State (MGS) has made the beginning of our week as seamless as possible. Delegates arrived at MGS on Sunday, and were greeted by the friendly team. Delegates registered through an efficient process managed by an even more efficient system. After registering, delegates moved into their respective cities and began the journey that is MGS.

When you get to your MGS cities, you are going to meet so many new people that you will spend your week with! You’ll meet your counselor, assistant counselors, and the girls that will live in your city with you. You will get to learn about how your week will go and the offices that will be in the city. You might even get an idea of an office you want to run for!

Your first assembly will be that morning not long after you arrive at MGS. You will meet your governor, superintendent of the Highway Patrol, and many more. They will tell you all about the state offices, county offices, and all of the other cities will be there with you. There’s music playing, cheering, and dancing!

We know that all of this can seem overwhelming. Just remember to be yourself! Everyone that comes through MGS are from all corners of life. Everyone is different and we all have our own qualities that make us different. Keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to talk to people. This week will be one of the best weeks that you will remember forever! You will make new friends, and learn things that you never thought possible. It will all be the start to a fun week at MGS!

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