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What's Happening Throughout the Schools of Instruction

By Lillian Clymer

Boone City

The different schools offered across the Missouri Girls State campus vary in many different ways. We asked citizens what they are doing in their classes and how it is impacting their future decisions. Looking into the different schools shows the opportunities Girls State offers and a few of the knowledge expanding things these students are learning.

First, let's look at the School of Commerce. This school is designed to teach its citizens all about how to open and operate their own business. We interviewed student, Hilary Yang from Benton City, to ask her what she is learning and how it is impacting her future. “We’re learning all about how to start a business and about e-commerce. We are also creating a business plan for Andy’s Frozen Custard. It is influencing my view on how the economy works and how to work around it with a business” She says that “This class is intriguing and really catches my interest. It really goes beyond what I expected.” This class is very hands-on and plays a really great part in how the economy runs at ALA Missouri Girls State.

Second, we looked into the School of Law. This class teaches the students all about the courts and how to pass the Bar exam. We interviewed citizen Kalea Snow from Boone city to dig deeper into what this class is teaching and how it is impacting her career. “Right now we are just going over a lot of the information that will be on the Bar exam and learning about the basic information of law” Kalea says that this class is really unifying for her and her class. She says, “I think that honestly the school aspect of it has brought us all together.” With this interview, we are really able to see how much these Schools of Instruction influence our Girls State citizens.

We looked into two more classes and one of them was Campaigning and Political Operations. This class is especially designed for those who are ambitious enough to run for governor or other state level positions. It teaches them how to successfully campaign and earn people's votes. For this class, we interviewed Avery Smith from Covington City. She says “We are currently going through a presentation, teaching us about the pillars of the campaign. So we’re talking about main fundraising, how you can get people's attention, get votes, specifically using media. So we’ve been talking a lot about different commercials and the way that those commercials go.” This class has some great and lasting impact on Avery and she tells us why. “Definitely. So I think political operations is definitely something I've always been interested in. I’m currently interning for a political consulting firm, so this is something that is actually helping me in my job because it's going to be very helpful in these next few weeks while i’m finishing up this internship but, it's also not just inspiring me to go into law or politics or something but to actually go into the campaign management side of things.” There is constant inspiration coming from these amazing classes on campus.

Lastly, we looked into the School of International Affairs. This school is taught to show the citizens how the influence of America’s presence in other countries is helpful. For this interview we talked to a resident of Clark City, Kerrigan Hand. We looked into what she is learning and how it is shaping what she wants to do in the future. She says “Today we were talking about the different philosophies such as Hamiltonism, Jeffersonism and then recently we’ve just been trying to get a feel for foreign policy. We were looking over the different diplomats and how that occurs and how you get chosen as a diplomat. Then tomorrow we are doing an activity on what foreign policy we would create if we were the secretary in office for that.”Kerrigan has always been interested in international affairs and we found out why this class is impacting her. “In my career I really just want to do something somewhere else really. I would love to be able to help people and I feel like this would be a great way to learn about different cultures' experiences and learn how their government works and learn how to work in an area that's not the same as mine.” It's amazing the different things that these classes can show you!

Missouri Girls State offers a variety of Schools of Instruction and these are just a few of the amazing options offered. ALA Missouri Girls State really is a place that can expand your knowledge and change your life.

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