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A Sudden Session

Newly elected members of MO Girls State Congress were informed Tuesday afternoon that they would not be traveling to Jeff City tomorrow to pass bills on the Senate floor. This was due to Governor Mike Parson’s last minute special call of Congress which would result in them needing the floor instead. This left many devastated, as the trip was a huge milestone in the week.

“I was looking forward to the experience of all of it. Things such as witnessing the Capitol first hand, sharing that with other girls, and being able to bond over it is what I wish had happened,” said Theresa Sudholt (Senator, Boone City).

It was tragic for many to be brought such horrible news so suddenly, but members were thankful that an alternative was quickly presented. The girls would miss class and work on passing bills in the Ward building all day.

“Though I wish there didn’t have to be an alternative, I absolutely appreciate the ALA MGS staff for giving us an opportunity to carry out our duties as the assembly, trying to keep it as similar as possible,” said Grace Desjardin (Minority Floor Leader, Boone City).

With a different environment than what was expected, members still plan to work just as hard to review material and advocate for the members of their community.

“We will obviously make the best of our situation. We haven’t lost hope and I personally am still super excited to propose legislation and get down to business,” said Emily Cole (HOR, Pershing City)

While mixed feelings are still up in the air, it sounds like our legislative branch won’t let this setback disrupt their session, and they plan to trudge forward with their heads high.

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