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Annalyn Johnson

My name is Annalyn Johnson, you can call me AJ! I am from East Prairie High down in the boot-heel of Missouri, which is what we call the very bottom of the state where we’re almost into Kentucky. When my school staff voted for who would go to Girl State, I tied three times with another girl, so we both got to go! However, she wanted to participate in softball instead.

I enjoy writing and art. Often during classes,

I have to doodle on my paper to pay attention. I’m not ignoring you, I’m just trying my best not to space out or dissociate! I have trouble sitting still and paying attention, so drawing helps me concentrate.

Though I have laryngitis this week, I don't talk much to begin with. I am comfortable being alone or with a small group of people. Large crowds tend to overwhelm me. Coming to Girl State and being around so many different people is a big step out of my comfort zone! I hope to make friends at Girl State, as I am a shy person back at home with people I have grown up with. This makes it hard for me to grow close to other people, as the other kids in my class are not inclusive and have formed their own groups over several years.

I hope to have fun with my fellow journalists as we work together on our newspapers!

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