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April Fools... in June

By Clarissa Covey and Aubrey Crockett

There have been a lot of reports of pranks going on in the dorms (and outside of them too!). Out in the Calvert hall there were many pranks revolving around a mascot they like to call “Uncle Sam.”

Katherine Moore from Drake City even states that, “People would put this mascot into the elevator and send it to all floors.”

Another incident involved “fire” (made up of cut up red, orange, and yellow construction paper) on a counselor’s door.

Annalyn Johnson from Benton City says, “It was pretty devastating. Miss Alexis barely got out of there before the whole building burned down. The fire department did not react, sadly, and the police put tape around the crime scene. I don't know where Miss Alexis is staying now.”

There have been some very strange ordinances out there too, such as Benton and Brogue Cities in Barton County, where the citizens must do the Jack Sparrow run (“You mean Captain Jack Sparrow”-Aleya King) to their city and county meetings, otherwise they have to pay five dollars in MGS currency. Down in Lewis City they are putting a tax on anyone who fills up their water in their city. What some people don’t know is that they do have a way out of the tax; they can do the Girls State dance to get out of the water tax. Emma Dake even states that, “I believe that it is every city's right to be able to make ordinances to their discretion. I truly do not care if I step foot on Drake City grounds, and I have to bark. I think that every city has the right to be able to control their ordinances.” Scott County also has the Kool-Aid Man ordinance. Anyone passing through Stephens or Pershing City has to say “Oh Yeah” otherwise they get fined.

And of course no one is forgetting about the golf cart karaoke from the broadcast team. There are a lot of strange occurrences happening in Girls States this week. It really seems like people are definitely having fun here, and there will be a lot of sorrowful goodbyes on Saturday when everyone will eventually part ways. Enjoy it while it lasts, and have fun Girls State!

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