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Choosing Superlatives

As our week at MGS begins to come to a close, counselors are finding unique ways to recognize each individual in their cities. In Covington City, Miss Abby decided to give her delegates a chance to choose their cities superlatives and allow them to have their moment in the spotlight. Superlatives are an easy, intriguing, and entertaining way to wrap up this action-packed experience.

“I think it’s a really fun way to bring the city together, to recognize each individual, for their individuality. It’s a good activity to wrap things up on Friday night,” said Miss Abby.

“I feel like it’s a way for the girls to all grow closer with one another, and make us have our personalities come out,” said Ava Kirkpartick, a citizen from Covington city. “Spending a week together, all stressed out, we sort of know who’s the best at what, so some of them are really easy, while others make you think harder.”

Having over 30 delegates with unique personalities in each city can make choosing superlatives a daunting task. However, it’s a great way to remember one’s experience at MGS. It also brings a form of comforting closure to the delegates. Should every city create superlatives?

“Of course, if you and your city end up growing closer, hold a little award ceremony like this where people are sad because they’re leaving but happy because they got to grow closer as a community,” said Kirkpatrick.

“If not superlatives, coordinate something for at least one last recognition of everyone,” said Miss Abby.

Although the week is almost over and superlatives may look out of the picture for most cities, there is still opportunity for the 2023 delegates. So, what do you think? Should recognition of every delegate, ignoring their positions, be mandatory for each city at MGS? We’ll let our future builders decide.

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