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Flag At Girls State

Here at Girls State, the flags here are very important to us. We abide by many of the important rules such as displaying the flag everyday, but taking it down every night. The United States flag is put above the Missouri State Flag. The flag never touches the ground, the flag is carefully folded every night, and it is completely silent. At Girls State, we all arrive at the flag at the same time and all wait until we see the color bearers, those chosen from each city to represent them and at some point raise the flag, begin to march. The student color bears line the sides of the sidewalk spanning from Hendricks Hall to the flagpole. At the front are the six color bearers from their respected cities chosen to help with the flag that day. They call out “Turn”, and face each other as the Governor and Attorney General bring the flags down. The chosen bearers move forward and form a group next to the flag. In the morning the Missouri flag is raised first. One of the bearers walks and gets the flag from the Attorney General. All other girls stand in silence and watch. The bearers begin to raise the flag and the public places their hand over their heart once no one is touching it. This is the same for the Missouri flag except you do not put your hand over your heart. Next the six color bears file back to the line with everyone else. They call,”Turn,” and follow the Governor and Attorney General on their walk down the aisle. Once they make it to Hendricks everyone is allowed to talk, grab their stuff, and move. The filing in and rules for flag retrieval are similar. We all stand in silence once the bearers begin their march. The six chosen girls are in front and again say, “Turn,” followed by forming their small group. Then three of those girls help retrieve the flags. The Missouri flag is brought down first, followed by the United States flag. Your hand is over your heart for the United States flag (until hands are on it) but is never for the Missouri. Remember there are NO cellphones out or in your hand during flag.

The flag means many different things to me. It means freedom, patriotism, and gratefulness. I had never experienced these feelings so highly anywhere else but here. The seriousness is refreshing. We need to give the flags our utmost honor as a form of thanking and honoring those who serve and have served. They are the reason we are here today and THEY deserve the world.

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