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House and Senate

As some of you may know, at MGS, we hold many elections that reflect the real Missouri government. Our most recent election was over the Senate and House of Representatives. We now have many new wonderful Senators and Representatives alike! I want to say a HUGE congratulations to the Senatorial winners from:

  • Bacon County: Lucy Schen of Truman City, Hanna Flacke of Bradley City, and Ashlin McCamy of Truman City.

  • Barton County: Erica Ellefson of Benton City, Brooke Rowe of Benton City, and Maya Burney of Broeg City.

  • Davidson County: Nora Pryor of Clark City, Theresa Sudholt of Boone County, and Zoe Wilson of Clark City.

  • Dewitt County: Abigail Wamsley of Cronin City, Emma Beadle of Cronin City, and Harini Sreeperunbuduru of Cronin City.

  • Johnson County: Riley Parman of Adreon City, Kelci Sutton of Adreon City, and Jacqueline Gurley of Adreon City.

  • Scott County: Vari Patel of Stephens City, Stephanie Turpin of Pershing City, and Katelyn Connell of Pershing City.

  • Price County: Sanjana Anand of Covington City, Kandance-rose Gill of Covington, and Lizzie Tucker of Covington City.

I would also like to congratulate our new Representatives of the House from:

  • Bradley City, Bacon County: Miranoush Nalbandian, Olyvia Buzzanga, and Ashley Gass.

  • Truman City, Bacon County: Madison Morgan, Makinley Smith, and Whitney Hackman.

  • Benton City, Barton County: Jessica Philips, Esther Ingram, and Chloe Ireland-Killday.

  • Broeg City, Barton County: Emily Moyer, Chloe Hutson, and Landry Yount.

  • Boone City, Davidson County: Grace Desjardins, Sukanya Nyhus, and Catie Tejeda.

  • Clark City, Davidson County: Joselyn Alkire, Katelyn Clark, and Mylee Schilling.

  • Carver City, Dewitt County: Naomi Nutwell, Ashlyn Hatfield, and Gabriela Rojo.

  • Cronin City, Dewitt County: Kally Horn, Ella Baetje, and Brenda Vegas.

  • Adreon City, Johnson County: Kampbell Hemeyer, Amarra Fusco, and Katherine Schnelle.

  • Drake City, Johnson County: Kelsey Henson, Sarah Green, and Rebekah Papasifakas.

  • Covington City, Price County: Cornea Spears, Harley Young, and Ella Sias.

  • Lewis City, Price County: Jennifer Liu, Zoe Michals, and Lainey Creason.

  • Pershing City, Scott County: Anelle Harris, Emily Cole, Josie Douglas.

  • Stephens City, Scott County: Malia Fuller, Jessica Snare, and Meredith Tran.

I am extremely proud of every one of you! I am also so ready to see what you young ladies will do for our state!

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