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Inside the Minds of Future Leaders

State positions are now underway for several citizens of Missouri Girls state. Girls are having the opportunity to run for important spots such as governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, auditor, treasurer, and attorney general. Lines were spread across the length of the cafeteria as girls rushed to put their names on the ballots. Both parties had several citizens sign up and buy campaign materials to get the word out about their running. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to interview two candidates running for state positions.

Sara Rodgers, a federalist from Boone city is running for attorney general. I asked Sara, “Why do you want to run for this position?”

“I was inspired by a mock trial at school,” Sara said, “I was picked to be lawyer for the trial. It was really fun, and helped me become more interested in law. There are not any current law classes at my school, so it‘s a fun new opportunity for me to understand more about law,” I then asked Sara if she had always wanted to run for this specific position.

“I was set on running for this spot from the start,” she replied, “from the moment I heard about the position I knew I wanted it, and I have decided to pursue sticking to the plan.”

I then interviewed Mareina Harris, also a federalist from Boone city, who is running for a very important position: governor at Missouri Girls State! I also questioned why she wanted to run for this position, and she replied in a very inspiring way.

“I wanted to step out of my comfort zone. At first I was nervous and didn't want to run for any positions, but after hearing our Girls State governor, Duaa Mohamed, share her story about how she just signed up for the position, whether she was ready or not, inspired me to sign up as well,” Mareina said. “Meeting new people helped to boost my confidence.” I once again asked if she always wanted to run for the position of governor.

“Definitely not!” Mareina replied, “I was thinking about running on the state board of education or different senate and house positions, but I decided to step up!” I then asked, as she is running for governor, how she would improve Girls State.

“I want more inclusion from the entire state,” Mareina says, “I want more time to talk to other girls from different cities, not just in our county. I think it would be neat to hang out with girls across the state! That's just one of the things I'm planning for now.”

It was really interesting to ask questions to girls running for these high level positions. I was inspired by their confidence and I know that they will be wonderful leaders if they are elected. Happy voting Missouri Girls State citizens!

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