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Jack Parrow, and the Griddy and Passwords, Oh Ny!

Strange, Silly, and Secretive City Ordinances

With City and County elected officials having been decided, many have already gotten to work to create legislation, some of which are a little out of the ordinary. We took to the residence halls to see some of them in action, as well as ask some individuals about the ordinances of their cities and counties.

In Barton County, all members must ‘Jack Sparrow run’ to city and county meetings. If you fail to run in, flailing arms like the iconic pirate played by Johnny Depp, you have to pay a fee of $5 Girls State Bucks. Similarly, in Clark City, all delegates must hit the griddy following city meetings, and failure to do so will also cost you $5 GSB.

There are also ordinances that capitalize on being outside of the city and make the city much more exclusive. For example, if you do the treacherous climb up to Boone City in Rauch Hall, you cannot enter unless you say their designated password. If you fail to say the password, you owe a fine of $5 Girls State Bucks to the city. These ordinances are a good mix of practicing government participation and having fun that make the experiences of each city and county more memorable.

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