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Lauren Miesner

Hi! My name is Lauren Miesner, I live in Perryville, Missouri, a small town sandwiched in between Cape Guirado and St. Louis. I go to St. Vincent High School, a private catholic school. At school, I participate in choir and drama. I’ve attended all district choir twice, and held the lead role in our winter musical this year. When I'm not in school, I attend dance class where my style of dance is musical theater, But above everything, my favorite activity is drawing. I love art so much, and I have practiced drawing since I was in fifth grade. I hope to one day be a graphic designer and incorporate my art into my designs. Right now, at Missouri Girls State, I live in Boone city and I hold the position as the official newspaper reporter. I thank all of my Boone city sisters for the opportunity at this position and I hope you all are having a fantastic time at Girls state!

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