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Mafia Infiltrates Missouri Girls State

A mafia has been formed in the halls of ALA Missouri Girls State. To get the inside scoop on the thoughts of head mafia leaders and potential mafia delegates, connect with journalists Molly Simmons and Rebekah Harper. For their safety, names of those involved will be kept anonymous and referred to as Mob Boss 1 and Mob Boss 2. Their locations, halls, cities, and counties will also be kept private.

When asked about the start of the mafia, the Mob Bosses had much to say. Mob Boss 1 began with, “ We wanted to find a great way to make money and promote family within our community, city and our entire hall… I would also like to add that we have made strong relationships and we have gotten to know people a lot better through the Mafia.” Mob Boss 2 then added, “This support system that we have created has opened doors to many experiences and it is only the first day. You know, we have made the money that we have wanted to, and we plan on making more.” As of June 13, 2022, the mafia has acquired over five hundred Girls State Buck and counting, with new members joining every day.

When asked about what specific benefits the mafia provides for the leaders and the group itself, Mob Boss 1 was quick to speak up, “Well, for us it provides money, of course, and for others it provides protection. We look at it as an investment in your campaign because once you contribute to our mafia we support you… Never go against the family.” Interviews of potential recruits of the mafia revealed some possible concerns with both the membership fees and the fulfillment of the promises made to the recruits. The membership fees required to attend meetings are reportedly not equal for everyone depending on which city the recruit is from. An anonymous recruit told journalist Rebekah Harper, “We paid, and then we never really do anything.” It is also unclear what exactly the mafia is “protecting” its members from. When asked if the mafia could be labeled as a “scam,” the leaders had no comment.

The bosses made it clear that this fight for a statewide mafia would not be easy as they are facing many risks. Mob Boss 2 stated, “We are faced by threats by the highway patrol, we are constantly on the run from the tickets they may issue to us.” Mob Boss 1 followed that by mentioning that even if they were brought to court for their illegal mafia, they have strategically set up lawyers within their mafia to deal with legal trouble.

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