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Make Some Noise

Missouri Girls State band is spreading their sound for all the citizens of Girls State! The band participates by practicing songs to play before our assemblies, and they are also preparing for a concert on inauguration this Friday. The band plays fun, interactive songs for the citizens of Girls State to dance and sing along to. Anything from “Dont Stop Believing” to “Sweet Caroline” is played. Miss Lynnea, the instructor of Girls State band, has been teaching music for five years. When asked what her favorite part of teaching the band was, she replied, “I love getting to see the band’s reaction from the crowd’s cheers! It's not everyday that you finish a band concert and get loud cheers and claps from the crowd!”

Two Girls State citizens were kind enough to let me ask their opinions on Girls State band. Delaney Foster, from Benton city, is a clarinetist and she has been playing for eight years. I asked why she enjoyed Girls State band and she replied, “I like that it's a nice break from politics, we get a minute to just relax! The hype from the crowd is also amazing!” I asked what her favorite song was that we practiced and she said, “definitely the Girls State song!” Another citizen Margieann from Carver, is an alto saxophonist and has been playing for three years. Her favorite part of the band is “everyone knows what they're doing, everyone playing their instruments sounds really good! We are all independent and play our parts well.” Her favorite song to play is “Sweet Caroline”.

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