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Model City!

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Written by: Naeche (Anita) Ihenacho

Saturday, Adreon City was awarded Model City. Some of the qualifications of this award include that the city shows respect to other cities, staff, counselors, and during assemblies and flag ceremonies. They also need to be following the rules. They need to ensure promptness to all events, their rooms and city needs to be cleaned, demonstrate good sportsmanship and patriotism, and participated in Honor Flight letter. These were some of the qualifications that Adreon City met and constantly displayed during this week's program. As part of Adreon City, I am very proud that we received this award because it was well deserved.

During the first day of MGS, some of us were nervous and unsure of what the week would bring, but once we started conversing with each other and learning more about the communities we came from, the ice started to melt. The young women part of Adreon City were thoughtful, kind, hardworking, encouraging, and loving people. There was never a time I felt judged and unwelcomed, and this was not only possible through the friendships I made in Adreon City, but outside of my city meeting other kind-hearted young women. We unified as one. When someone was running for a position, we ensured that they had our support and cheered them on even if they didn't win. The women of Adreon City embodied unity and acceptance, and every single one of them radiates with so much strength wherever they go.

I can't fail to mention, our wonderful city counselors, Mary Beth and assistant city counselor, Hailey Wingender. They were always there to advise, and encourage us whenever we lacked confidence in ourselves and our abilities. They never failed to push us to open ourselves to new opportunities that may be out of our comfort zone. They made sure to check up on us. I enjoyed the conversations, and laughter we shared. I can confidently say, that we are all grateful to have had them as our counselors.

In a week, a group of strangers from all over Missouri came and established a bond stronger than no other. Those like me, who once questioned whether they would find their place, and feel accepted, no longer had those worries. Seeing those who barely said a word start to feel comfortable leading chants was amazing, in this unity created in Adreon City, which makes me beyond proud. I hope that the friendships formed here and in other cities will continue to strengthen out of MGS, as we navigate through the different phases of our life. We are Adreon City! A city, that will forever be a part of me.

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