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Naeche (Anita) Ihenacho

Anita Ihenacho is 17 years old. She prefers to go by Chinecherem, which is the full version of the name Naeche. She will be a senior this upcoming school year at Raytown South High School, which is in the city of Raytown. Naeche is a very passionate person, especially when it comes to writing because when she writes, she feels empowered and unstoppable, especially as a debater. There are some things she may not be able to say vocally, but in my writing she is not afraid to express her vulnerability, her fears and the things she is passionate about, such as bringing awareness to prevalent issues in our world. This could be the racism and injustice in the criminal justice system, shining light on issues of modern day slavery, or even the history of her beautiful 4c natural hair that can be deemed unprofessional in some settings. Naeche believes that everyone, regardless of age, gender or social status, has something to contribute and those voices should not be left muted.

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