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Primary Elections: Campaigns and Party Pride

With primary elections coming up tonight, many different election and campaign trends have been arising. Badges on lanyards, campaign posters, and even the classic pushing of the agenda by word of mouth, many distinct strategies have been successful for various candidates. The Federalists have been particularly spirited within their party and have been showing their pride through numerous ways. When Sophia Artz of Carver City was asked how she would show her support for her party in the election she said, “By doing the cheers, showing the spirit, and doing the tree chants.”

Furthermore, the Nationalists have been showing their party pride as well. Samantha Cannell also of Carver City claims she will support her party “by choosing who would be the best to represent the party and choosing who is willing to make a difference.”

Chantal Ogbeifun of the Nationalist party and running for governor in the primary election claims that her most successful campaign strategy so far has been “making genuine connections with anyone I meet.”

It’s clear that by either showing party spirit or through campaigning in every way possible, the primary elections are definitely keeping us all on our feet and we all can’t wait for the results.

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