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Priorities Reign in Nationalists Convention

The Nationalist Party Convention of Missouri Girls State commenced at 4:30 pm Wednesday night. Reports were given by three different state committees. Thirty highly qualified candidates recited speeches with the hopes of holding a position in the Official State office. The battle to the top has finally begun.

The convention was held in Highland Arena and was packed with every nationalist citizen. A wave of anxiety filled the room as delegates walked through the doors. To begin the session, Chairwoman, Laney Heeb, introduced her colleagues. An inspiration was given and unity was created while the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Next, the reports of the three committees were given. The Rules Report included the two minute and thirty second limit for the potential governor's speech and a minute and thirty seconds for the other candidate’s speeches. The State Board of Education delivered their four legislative priorities. They prioritize a better mental health environment, maintenance for schools, a raise in teacher pay, and eliminate the lack of education of minorities. The report of Platform decided that the Nationalist Party stands for pro-choice of body, stricter gun laws, school safety, antibullying, improved training for public safety, and improved mental health.

Finally, the candidates were ready to deliver their speeches. Thirty fantastic delegates gave their speeches with confidence and passion. It will be a difficult ballot to vote on. With qualified candidates and educated citizens, there is no doubt that this primary election will be successful.

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