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Spirit Blowout

Throughout the course of only one day at MGS, each city has already created their own all-consuming personalities. And, they have one thing in common: an insane amount of pride for the city and people they represent. That’s where the cheers and mascots come in handy.

With no help from the counselors, everyone had to pull out their creativity and get their brain juices flowing. And the results were, well, pretty intriguing.

“I’m from Drake City, and the mascot we’re leaning pretty heavily towards would be of course, Drake, the rapper,” said Zoe Sparks, a citizen from Johnson county. “Our cheers mainly circulate around “Drake City Chicks”. We chose that because we think that it really helps represent all of our big personalities.”

“Although our chants for Anthony City aren’t finalized yet, our mascot is Susan B. Anthony,” said Eden Prather, who presides in Truman county. “We chose her as our mascot because that’s who Anthony City was named after.”

“In Covington City, we have a lot of clapping chants that are simple, so that anyone in the city can join,” said Brynne Taulman in Price county. “Our mascot is Kim Kardashian, because we call ourselves ‘Keeping Up With The Covingtons’, so we figured that she should be our mascot.”

“We have a few chants in Compton City, but we are called the ‘Compton Crocodiles or Crocs’”, said Madison Tucker, Bacon County. “We chose the Crocodile for our mascot because we love the domineering power Crocs have, and it works so well with our name. We’re just really excited to show up and be such a great, hopefully, Model City.”

“Our Mascot is the “St. Louis Arches”, because we’re Lewis City, and a lot of our girls are from the St. Louis area,” said Ivy Patrick, a part of Price County. “For right now, we don’t have a lot of cheers yet, but we’re hoping that with our new leaders we can get stuff like that solidified.”

Kim Kardashian and Crocodiles only scratch the surface of the amazing range of personas here at MGS. As the week continues with its many adventures, there’s no doubt the energy and enthusiasm will grow. But of course, at MGS, there is no such thing as too much energy.

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