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Stranger Favor

The method of choosing candidates for the upcoming elections

By Jamelia Sands & Mallory Moon

Sunday afternoon, delegates were all thrown into the profound world of Missouri Girl State to make a government from the ground up. Yet, the question remains: how does one go about such a feat? Although there are many ways, the main method in the democratic government of MGS is elections.

Elections and campaign methods in the real world are usually incredibly strategic. However, the way we elect delegates for City and State positions at MGS is certainly interesting, as we are all practically strangers. Most competitors had Saturday and Sunday to “test the waters” with other citizens. “I was really nervous to meet people in my city…” said delegate Lauren Miesner from Boone City, Davidson County. “But after I talked to them, they were all really sweet so it helped me to open up.”

Contrary to the essence of MGS, a lot of delegates focused more on personality than political beliefs. Lauren stated that she “prefers more eccentric personalities,” as she could relate their campaigning methods to her own. It makes voting much easier when someone is courageous and upfront about being a candidate for an election. Interestingly, if there is a mean person who has strong political beliefs, versus a kindred spirit, with no clue on how to run for their position, Lauren would choose the latter. “If you’re nice to me, I will definitely support you, even if you don’t really know what you’re doing,” she states.

Elections are necessary to produce officials in each city, county, and eventually state. However, a question does present itself: How does a person present themselves in a way that gets them elected? What does it look like to be an introvert running for a position? According to Laila Saint Christopher from Benton City in Barton County, “It takes a willingness to learn and be uncomfortable. I am naturally an introvert but you have to put yourself out there even at the risk of losing.” She also later noted that her reason for stepping out and into the state election was because she told herself to “just go all-in”.

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