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Take Me to Your Leaders

Hello! We are so excited to work with our delegates during this 2022 session of Missouri Girls State. Our Gazette Staff is made up of three former Girls Staters: Calli Larson (Newspaper Director), Cecilia Thomas, & Emma Hurst. We wanted to take a minute to welcome everyone to the online edition of the ALA MGS Gazette. The delegates will not only get to write for a printed edition of the Gazette, but for the online version as well. We will also have guest writers for our online Gazette, so remember to check back to see what is happening throughout the week.

Calli Larson

I was a delegate in 2009 and participated in the Journalism & Media Class. I later received my BS Degree in English Education, Masters in Educational Technology, and EdSp in Technology in Schools. I am the Journalism Advisor in Cole Camp, MO as well as the Educational Technology Coordinator. This is my 8th year on staff. Previously, I was the Broadcast Director and made the switch to Newspaper Director this year. I am most looking forward to witnessing our delegates grow in just a week's time. Every year I am amazed by the issues they raise in discussions and how they work those discussions into solutions. Our future is bright with all our delegates.

Cecilia Thomas

Hi, I am a recently graduated Senior from Cole Camp, MO. This is my first year on the MGS staff and am super excited to be working with the Newspaper team. I was a delegate in 2021 and was on the Broadcast team. In the fall I plan on attending Missouri State University to get my BFA in Computer Animation. My hobbies include art and playing clarinet.

Emma Hurst

As a past delegate at ALA MGS, I am excited to walk alongside delegates who are in the position I was, just a short while ago. Girls State changed my perspective and pushed me out of my comfort zone. I just want to support and encourage the ladies here to get the most out of this amazing opportunity.

I am from the Jefferson City area and am a Junior at Mizzou majoring in Agriculture (Business, Hospitality, Plant Science) and minoring in psychology and entrepreneurship, At MU, I am involved in the Christian Campus House where I serve on the media team. I am also part-owner of a woman ran business, along with my mother and sister.

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