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Walking on Main

Bright light floods the large space. There is an excited energy flowing through the hall. Counselors are laughing and chatting while getting their hair done for the day. There is a hint of burnt wood in the air enticing one to investigate. Walking further down the hall, there is a yoga session occurring. Talking to these future entrepreneurs, one would find what they’ve learned in the Business of Commerce class and how they apply it to their business on Main. Owner of “Big Shots”, Jocelyn Nelson from Drake City, says, “An unmet need is a demand”. This was the idea she took when creating her raffle ticket business. Another business owner by the name of Anna Galatas of Clark City would agree that one of the most valuable lessons she has learned this week is supply and

demand. Anna owns “A Token for your Time”, a wood burning business, she has learned this lesson's importance with a bulk order from Clark City. However not every business is experiencing a boom in traffic flow. Maria Castillo Orellana, owner of “At Maria Salon” which specializes in braids and hair wraps, assumes she is not getting as much attention due to the fact that it takes approximately thirty minutes to complete a hair wrap and not everyone has the time to wait. Another entrepreneur, Gabby Rohrbach from the city of Benton, says that most of her business is coming from counselors. Miss Erin gives her hair salon a ten star rating and fellow counselor, Miss Emilie gives the business eleven stars. Whether you are a citizen or a counselor, everyone leaves Main Street with a smile.

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